How much did Bryant-Denny Stadium initially cost to build (in 1929)?

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How much did Bryant-Denny Stadium initially cost to build (in 1929)?
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It's original cost was 196,000 dollars but here is a little history on the stadium and cost to upkeep renovate, and expand it's capacity GO TIDE Bryant-Denny Stadium, home of the Alabama Crimson Tide since 1929, is one of the great stadiums in college football. Prior to the opening of Bryant-Denny Stadium, the Tide played at Denny Field and University Field. By the mid 1920s the decision was made to build a new stadium. Construction began in 1929 and was completed that same year in time for the Tide to begin play. Originally known as George Hutchenson Denny Stadium, Alabama played their first game at the new stadium on September 28, 1929.The first of many expansions took place in 1937 when 6,000 seats were added to the east side. By 1946 bleachers were added to both end zones and capacity increased to 31,000. Prior to the 1961 season, a new press box was constructed and 12,000 seats where added, raising capacity to 43,000. In 1966, capacity increased to 60,000 and in 1975, the Alabama State Legislature renamed George Hutchenson Denny Stadium, Bryant-Denny Stadium after legendary Alabama football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. In 1988 construction of the upper deck on the west side was completed which raised capacity to 70,000.In 1998, major renovations took place which included 81 new skyboxes, a video/scoreboard on the south end, new lights, an east side entrance tower and a brick facade for the facility. The latest expansion was completed before the 2006 season. This $50 million project increased the seating capacity to 92,138 and included the addition of new skyboxes. Two state-of-the-art video screens have been added to the northeast and northwest corners of the stadium to supplement the existing south end zone Sony Jumbrotron. Today, Bryant-Denny Stadium is the fourth largest in the SEC. In April 2007, the university hired Davis Architects to study the possibility of further expanding the stadium.
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