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2012 NHL Tickets for Sale - The NHL is back and purchasing hockey tickets has never been a better buy. Long time stallwarts like the Detriot Red Wings, Philadelphia Flyers, and Toronto Maple Leafs are better than ever. While non traditional teams like the LA Kings, San Jose Sharks, and Anaheim Ducks are vying for eternal NHL glory. Even a new comer (Old timer if you are old school) like the Winnipeg Jets are making noise in this new look NHL. Lets get one thing straight about today's NHL, the games are fast paced, offensive oriented and more exciting than ever. Gone are the days of the 2 line pass violation, or the game ending in a tie, instead those antiquated ideas have been updated with 5 man per team overtime periods (as opposed to 6 in regulation), and the incredible shootout. These new outstanding rules combined with closer holding and interference calls allowed the NHL offensive explosion to take the league to new levels. When you buy sports tickets to see the NHL you can expect an average of over 4 goals a game, that is good news for any hockey fan.

NHL Tickets - A historic ride through the 20th century - The NHL was founded in 1917 (as the National Hockey Association) but was not the league we know today. It was not until after the great depression in the year 1942 that the actual NHL was formed comprimised of only 6 teams the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detriot Red Wings, Montreal Canadians, New York Rangers, and Toronto Maple Leafs. Long time NHL ticket buyers refer to this time as the "Orginal Six." Pressure from the Western Hockey League finally forced the NHL to expand in 1967 to add the Los Angeles Kings, the Minnesota North Stars (Now the Dallas Stars), the California Seals (now defunct), the Pittsburgh Penguins and the St Louis Blues. These teams signified that the NHL was for real, and ready to take the league into the modern era. The league is now occupied by 30 teams, and has never been healthier. Buy your NHL tickets today and get in to see your own little piece of history.

Buying NHL Tickets in 2012 - Buying sports tickets to see one of the greatest live event sports is really a no brainer. High scoring games, shootouts, hard hits, and fights are major reasons fans love coming back again and again. Along with the on ice action, rivalries in the NHL are some of the hottest in all of sports. Major rivalry games include Pittsburgh vs Washington, Detriot vs Philly, Anaheim vs San Jose and so many more. On top of everything, the NHL offers some of the best arena's in the world with some of the most family friendly confines of any professional sports. Along with the family friendly confines, most NHL fans are knowledgable, ask any long time team supporter and I guarantee they will give you a lengthy history of their team. It is yet another reason the NHL is special. Get down to your local teams arena, buy a hockey ticket and get into the game!

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