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Welcome to the NEW

This is probably the biggest update to since the launch many years ago. For the most part, we have completely re-written SeatHound from the ground up. So many improvements to go over, but I am only going to touch on a few of them in this post. We will dive into

Our New Mascot (name tbd)
We found this little guy sitting out there on the Internet, and we had to have him as our new mascot/logo. As you can see, he is a super fan when it comes to sporting event and concerts, but we are still trying to figure out a name for our new mascot/logo. Stay tuned for a massive contest where anyone can submit a name for free event tickets.

New & Improved Interactive Maps

We spent a lot of time rewriting our JS libraries for an overall better experience for our users. Now this is just the first step of many, but you should see an increase in performance, reliability and usability. We have some pretty big plans to improve upon our interactive maps to make them even BETTER. Furthermore, we enhanced our mobile viewing experience to match that of our new native apps! (more on that in the next section)

Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android!
We knew this time around that we had to have our mobile app, version 1, completed and ready to go with this massive update! And I am happy to announce, we did it. We are utilizing the Ionic Framework to quickly build out our mobile experience for multiple platforms. We are very proud of this first version, but have so many plans to expand and extend the functionality to something much greater. We will have some detailed posts about our mobile app and platform to give users an idea of the framework, what we are working on and where we are going.


Some closing thoughts…
SeatHound has been a passion project since inception. We wanted to created something by sports/concert fans for sports/concert fans. And the reason I say ‘we’ is because SeatHound was founded by 2 individuals; myself(Robert Velton) and Dan Taylor. (I’m on the right and Dan is on the left in the picture below) We started this whole crazy idea at a random pizza place, jotting down some silly ideas on a napkin… makes me smile just thinking about it. Unfortunately, Dan passed away a little over 2 years ago.

Since Dan’s passing, SeatHound hasn’t done much. In fact, it was rather difficult for me to even think about the project or work on the project. But that would of been a waste of everything Dan and I worked for over the years. So over the last 5-6 months, I worked to bring SeatHound into the vision we talked about over the last few years of his life. The project is not there yet, but its sure on its way. I think about him every day, and I can still hear him calling me “broski” every now and then. So this update is ultimately for Dan and everything him and I talked about/worked towards over the years…

Change is coming to in 2017…

SeatHound Dog - Transparent Background

Things are going to be changing at…

Wow, there is so much to talk about, but we are going to be rolling information out slowly. Information about where we’ve been, what we have been doing, and things that we are going to be releasing in the near future.

But we can tell you this, the ticket industry, primary and secondary, has been going through a lot of changes. And even though we’ve been “AFK” (away from keyboard for those non-techy people), we have been watching.

So sit back, relax, and get ready for to get back to what it originally started 8 years ago… providing a tool for concert goers, for sports fanatics and for theater enthusiasts to save a ton money on their ticket purchases!

Stay tuned…

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