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2012 March Madness Tickets for Sale - Let's face it, March Madness is unlike any event in all of North America sports. Take 68 college basketball teams, bracket them out based on regular season accomplishments, and set them loose in the wildest single elimination tournament ever created. Buying NCAA Basketball tickets to see March Madness has all the drama and intrigue that you could ever ask for in any sports ticket purchase. You really have no idea what is going to happen at anytime, whether it is a last second buzzer beater to save a number 1 seeds season, or a 2 point upset by a 15 seed over a number 2 seed, anything is possible. Take the last 5 years for example, in each of those years a team seeded no higher than 5th in it's region has made the Final Four. Last year there were actually 2 tiny schools that made the finals, VCU a number 13 seed and play in qualifier along with giant killer Butler were 2 of the 4 final teams. Butler even managed to get to the final game 2 consecutive years. Amazing stuff. Don't miss your opportunity to get into the madness, buy your sports tickets to your regional tournament today!

March Madness Tickets for Sale - A historic rise through the last 75 plus years has made the tournament what it is today. Did you know that the original year end tournament was not March Madness at all, but rather the NIT (National Invitational Tournament). Not only that but once the tournament became the official decider of the NCAA Basketball Championship, the tournament was only comprimised of 8 teams, of course that was back in 1939. The expansion to 68 teams went like this throughout the years: 16 teams in 1951, 1953 - 1974 it varied between 22 and 25 teams, 32 teams in 1975, 40 teams in 1979, 48 teams in 1980, 52 in 1983, 53 in 1984, 64 in 1985, 65 in 2001, and finally 68 teams in 2011. That is a lot of expansion over the years, but the madness calls for it, the more the marrier in this wild winner take all tournament. The biggest winners in March Madness history include UCLA at 11 tournament wins (including an incredible 38 games won in a row during the 60's and 70's), Kentucky at 7, North Carolina with 5, Duke with 4, and Kansas with 3. The list thins out to 2 or less after that, a true testimate, that in nearly 80 years of competition, there have only been a handful or college hoops programs able to crack the 3 or more championship plateau. Buy your basketball tickets today to see March Madness, and get into see your own piece of Madness history.

March Madness Tickets for Sale in 2012 - Let's face it, March Madness has never been more exciting than it is today. There are more teams than ever, more chances for lower seeds to win, and more parity making for one of the most exciting sporting events in the world. Historic teams like the UCLA Bruins, Duke Blue Devils, North Carolina Tar Heels, and Kansas Jay Hawks have to be more well prepared and better coached than at any time in their history if they want to add to their historic championship totals. Gone are the days of all number 1 and 2 seeds making the final 4. Buying basketball tickets to the Final Four will usually treat you to one 1 seed, two 3 - 4 seeds, and one 10 or lower seed. That is just the nature of the beast at this point. Get into the game, bring the whole family, you will not regret it!

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2012 NCAA Men's Basketball Finals Tickets - The NCAA Finals in Men's basketball are the penultimate achievement in amateur basketball. Set in the home of where basketball was founded by Dr James Naismith, Indianapolis, Indiana, in the incomparable Lucas Oil Stadium. This game is the end of a great journey over 3 weeks, that started with 68 teams in single elimination format, that will crown the true college basketball champion. Get down to Lucas Oil Stadium, and buy basketball tickets to the NCAA Men's Basketball Finals to see the greatest sporting event in men's amateur basketball.

NCAA Men's Basketball Finals Tickets for Sale - As mentioned earlier, the NCAA Men's Basketball Finals, as well as the semi finals (Final Four) will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium. Keep in mind that this is a football stadium, and it was built to see a game on a 100 yard by 52 yard field. What does that mean for you? While you may be able to get tickets at the box office, this does not make those tickets good. If you want to sit up close, and not pay a lot of money, then check out's live event ticket search. You will find that the prices to sit close, where you can actually see the game, are a lot cheaper than you think, and that getting tickets to see the NCAA Men's Basketball Finals is something you will not want to miss. Don't miss your opportunity to see the March Madness crown the true champion of men's college basketball, get your sports tickets to see the NCAA Men's basketball Finals today!

Buying NCAA Men's Basketball Finals Tickets in 2012 - Legends are made during the final game of the NCAA Men's basketball finals. While everyone might think fondly on that big shot that was hit to send a team to the next round earlier in the tournament, the chance to become immortal only happens in the finals of the NCAA March Madness Tournament. Legends like Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Bill Walton, Michael Jordan, and James Worthy all shined during the finals of this great tournament. Before going the NBA and making a name for themselves, the greats made their name in this game. Buy basketball tickets to the NCAA Final's Men's Basketball Championships today, and get into see a new legend born.

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