Mike Trout Yard Gnome Night – Bing Bang Friday – Angels Stadium – Tickets Are Cheap

I know a Christmas yard gnome shaped like the future AL MVP Mike Trout is something that every single child should have growing up in Southern California. Well, if your thought was “How am I going to get such a thing like this for my child?,” you are in luck. Friday night, July 18th, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will be taking on the Robinson Cano led Seattle Mariners where the team will be handing out such things.

So what will you get when you grab the fam, and get down to the Big A? You will get a 6 inch garden gnome, think the travelocity gnome that has Mike Trouts likeness. You will also be treated to an AL West battle featuring the 2nd and 3rd place teams in the AL West and also the number 1 and 2 teams in the Wild Card race. You will also see the best offensive lineup in baseball (Based on all kinds of metrics that I won’t bore you with, but here are a few – Runs scored, run differential, etc) in the Angels featuring Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton, All Star Erik Aybar, and the incomparable Mike Trout (This years AL MVP, it will be hard to steal it from him this year, because of what happened the last 2 years, especially if he keeps up his freakish stats from the past 3 years). You will also see Big Bang Friday, a fireworks show, right after the game.

4 hours of fun, for you and your family, starting at less than $5 each. Thats right, Angels tickets for under $5!!! You can even check out views from your seats before you buy, that way you can make sure you views are not obstructed for the fireworks show, or the game itself. Get your kids tired by being a hero to them. Get them a Mike Trout Garden Gnome.

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Hall of Fame Game Tickets Cheaper When You Compare Prices at SeatHound.com

Is the Hall of Fame game played at the same level as the Super Bowl? No. But it is the NFL, and it is back on Sunday, August 3rd…Buffalo Bills vs New York Giants. Think you can get tickets cheaper by going to Ticket Master? Think again, our tickets for the Hall of Fame NFL game start at just $3 a piece Bills and Giants fans. Don’t pay what the NFL wants you to pay.

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New NFL Interactive Maps Make it Even Easier to Save Money on NFL Tickets at SeatHound.com

Here at SeatHound.com, our number one priority is you the user. With that said, we have been working tirelessly on adding new row level detail interactive maps for NFL stadiums. What does that mean for you? That means that you will be able to get the EXACT tickets you want, at the price you want, all the way down to the row and seat within the row.

That means that you can compare ticket prices to any NFL team, in any section of any stadium that you want to see them in.

For example, if you want to get tickets to see the Dallas Cowboys at beautiful AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas, and your friend is sitting in Club Main section 233 row C, then you can selection that exact section and row. Want to see them vs the San Francisco 49ers in the same section, a game that hasn’t had “Primary” inventory for months and months? Not a problem either, we have those tickets available and at a very reasonable price, Cowboys tickets for this game start at just $26. Don’t beleive me? Check for yourself, just type in Dallas Cowboys, or San Francisco 49ers in the search bar and away you will go!

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Brandon Flowers Is a Charger – Defense is Upgraded – Super Bowl Run Likely

With the Kansas City Chiefs giving up their best player in the secondary to division rival San Diego, the Chiefs miraculous run from last year seems unlikely. Remember, 3 teams made the playoffs in the AFC West last year, and San Diego did so on a tie breaker, but finished in 3rd place, while the Chiefs finished in 2nd. This makes a difference when it comes to scheduling and the home and away schedules.

The biggest strength for the Chiefs last year was that they played the easiest schedule in the NFL. Remember last year, as the games got tougher the Chiefs began to fade. The Chargers on the other hand got stronger, even with a bad secondary. The Chiefs giving up Flowers makes the Chargers stronger, and the Chiefs weaker. The Chiefs also are playing a tougher schedule, this could definitely turn the table in San Diego’s favor.

Don’t miss out on your chance to see the San Diego Chargers fight for the AFC West crown with new Pro Bowl corner back Brandon Flowers. Get down to the “Q” and root on your San Diego Super Chargers.

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USA Mens Soccer Team Goes Through To Play Belgium – Extends Viewing Fun Until The NFL

Great news from the United States Mens National Team, they lost the game to Germany, but won the war as they will advance. This is great news for American sports viewers as training camps for the NFL opens up in less than one month, and the real love affair will grip the country.

The good news for ticket buyers looking for NFL tickets, because of the result of this game, is that demand for the NFL will stay down for a bit longer. Why would this be? Because the NFL is currently out of site and out of mind, and the US Soccer team is at the forefront.

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