All Major Media Outlets NFL Week 4 Power Rankings Made Easy

The new Week 3 NFL power rankings from all major media outlets have been released, here are links to each. The biggest thing the DT Report derived from all the rankings is that the Bengals are for real this season, voters believe that the Arizona Cardinals are for real as well, however, their QB issues are knocking them down, and that the San Diego Super Chargers are not only contenders for the AFC West crown, but also the Super Bowl.

In my opinion, the Seahawks looked vulnerable against Denver, but the 12th man pushed the team victory. The Super Bowl champs still have to be the favorite for the Super Bowl, but that gigantic bulls-eye on their back based off of two straight great years is going to take a toll on the champs. If they can stay healthy, and get home field advantage for the Super Bowl, pencil them into the championship in February. The way the some AFC teams have been performing though, it is no longer Denver and everyone else. The Chargers already showed that the Seahawks can be beat, the rest of the AFC just needs to step up to prove that come February.

Of course February is a long way into the future, and these rankings are based on the past 3 weeks. Like our tickets, we like to bring you everything in the same place at the same time. Check this space for the NFL Power rankings each week going forward. Check out our NFL ticket inventory that has 100′s of sellers and 1,000′s of tickets to every single NFL game, and for cheap. Get the best deals on NFL tickets here at

Yahoo 25 Rankings

SB Nation NFL Power Rankings

ESPN NFL Power Rankings Week 4

Bleacher Report NFL Power Rankings Week 4

CBS Sports NFL Week 4 Power Rankings

Yahoo; SB Nation; Bleacher Report; ESPN; CBS Sports
1  Seahawks; Seahawks; 1 Seahawks 1 Seahawks 1  Bengals 
2  Broncos  2 Broncos 2 Denver Broncos 2 Cincinnati Bengals 2  Arizona Cardinals 
3  Cincinnati Bengals  3 Cincinnati Bengals 3 Philadelphia Eagles 3 Denver Broncos 3  Seattle Seahawks 
4  New England Patriots  4 Arizona Cardinals 4 Cincinnati Bengals 4 Philadelphia Eagles 4  Philadelphia Eagles 
5  Philadelphia Eagles  5 Philadelphia Eagles 5 New England Patriots 5 Arizona Cardinals 5  Denver Broncos 
6  Arizona Cardinals  6 San Diego Chargers 6 Indianapolis Colts 6 San Diego Chargers 6  New England Patriots 
7  Indianapolis Colts  7 Baltimore Ravens 7 San Diego Chargers 7 New England Patriots 7  Atlanta Falcons 
8  Carolina Panthers  8 Pittsburgh Steelers 8 New Orleans Saints 8 Chicago Bears 8  San Diego Chargers 
9  New Orleans Saints  9 Carolina Panthers 9 Arizona Cardinals 9 Atlanta Falcons 9  Baltimore Ravens 
10  Green Bay Packers  10 New England Patriots 10 Baltimore Ravens 10 Carolina Panthers 10  Pittsburgh Steelers 
11  San Diego Chargers  11 Chicago Bears 11 San Francisco 49ers 11 Pittsburgh Steelers 11 Carolina Panthers
12  Detroit Lions  12 Detroit Lions 12 Pittsburgh Steelers 12 Detroit Lions 12  Chicago Bears 
13  Chicago Bears  13 Atlanta Falcons 13 Detroit Lions 13 Baltimore Ravens 13  Detroit Lions 
14  San Francisco 49ers  14 San Francisco 49ers 14 Carolina Panthers 14 Indianapolis Colts 14  San Francisco 49ers 
15  Atlanta Falcons  15 New Orleans Saints 15 Atlanta Falcons 15 New Orleans Saints 15  Green Bay Packers 
16  Baltimore Ravens  16 Green Bay Packers 16 Chicago Bears 16 San Francisco 49ers 16  Indianapolis Colts 
17  Pittsburgh Steelers  17 Buffalo Bills 17 Green Bay Packers 17 Green Bay Packers 17  Dallas Cowboys 
18  Buffalo Bills  18 Indianapolis Colts 18 Buffalo Bills 18 Dallas Cowboys 18 New Orleans Saints
19  New York Jets  19 Houston Texans 19 Cleveland Browns 19  Buffalo Bills  19  Buffalo Bills 
20  Dallas Cowboys  20 Kansas City Chiefs 20 Kansas City Chiefs 20  Houston Texans  20  Houston Texans 
21  Miami Dolphins  21 Dallas Cowboys 21 New York Jets 21  New York Jets  21  New York Jets 
22  Houston Texans  22 Cleveland Browns 22 Dallas Cowboys 22  Kansas City Chiefs  22  Cleveland Browns 
23  Tennessee Titans  23 New York Jets 23 Miami Dolphins 23  Washington Redskins  23  Minnesota Vikings 
24  Cleveland Browns  24 Miami Dolphins 24 Houston Texans 24  Cleveland Browns  24  St Louis Rams
25  Kansas City Chiefs  25 Washington 25 Washington Redskins 25  Miami Dolphins  25  New York Giants 
26  Minnesota Vikings  26 Minnesota Vikings 26 Tennessee Titans 26  New York Giants  26  Washington Redskins 
27  St Louis Rams 27 New York Giants 27 Minnesota Vikings 27  Tennessee Titans  27  Tennessee Titans 
28  Washington Redskins  28 Tennessee Titans 28 St Louis Rams 28  St Louis Rams 28  Kansas City Chiefs 
29  New York Giants  29 St. Louis Rams 29 New York Giants 29  Minnesota Vikings  29  Miami Dolphins 
30  Jacksonville Jaguars  30 Oakland Raiders 30 Oakland Raiders 30  Oakland Raiders  30  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
31  Oakland Raiders  31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 Jacksonville Jaguars 31  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  31  Jacksonville Jaguars 
32  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  32 Jacksonville Jaguars 32 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 32  Jacksonville Jaguars  32  Oakland Raiders 

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