USA Mens Soccer Team Goes Through To Play Belgium – Extends Viewing Fun Until The NFL

Great news from the United States Mens National Team, they lost the game to Germany, but won the war as they will advance. This is great news for American sports viewers as training camps for the NFL opens up in less than one month, and the real love affair will grip the country.

The good news for ticket buyers looking for NFL tickets, because of the result of this game, is that demand for the NFL will stay down for a bit longer. Why would this be? Because the NFL is currently out of site and out of mind, and the US Soccer team is at the forefront.

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USA World Cup Knock Out Round Possibilities – USA vs Germany Tickets Available for Great Prices

Was it a dissappointment that the USA Mens Soccer Team gave up that goal against Portugal? In one word, yes. Was it a total disaster? No. The USA is still in the catbird seat to advance to the knockout stage of the World Cup, here is how they can advance –

Options on how the USA Mens Soccer Team can advance in the World Cup

USA win or tie against Germany – USA advances.

If the USA loses, then the Portugal vs Ghana game is that much more important.

If the USA loses and Ghana and Portugal tie then the USA automatically moves on.

If the USA loses by 1 and Portugal wins by less than 2, the USA moves on.

If the USA loses by 1 and Ghana wins by one, then the USA and Ghana would be tied and the tie breaker would be total goals. Ghana has 3 goals, the USA has 4. This would also result in a tie. The USA would win based on goals in group play, seeing that Ghana does not score more than +4 goals than the USA while Ghana winning by 1 and the USA losing by 1.

If the USA and Ghana are still tied after that, then it goes to total number of goals during group play. After that it would be a lottery.

So, is as simple as that. The USA is still in control of it’s own destiny, and that is the important part. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come down to a lottery.

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Baseball Season is Heating Up – Brokers Falling Over Themselves to Save You Money on MLB Tickets

When I woke up this morning and took a peak at the ticket pricing from various leagues, something struck me as being out of whack from the trends. What was that? MLB tickets are selling CHEAP. Great news for you users who are looking to save money on baseball tickets.

Why are baseball tickets going so cheap? I gave this some thought and here is what I came up with, TV deals. Now you are probably asking, what in the world would TV have to do with coming to the ball park? Great question, here is my answer.

The fact that so many teams are now on cable due to these massive TV deals, and the TV’s being what they are today, people are staying home, rather than going to the games. That is a nice sentiment, but hear me out. Parents and couples without children see the game on the TV and they forgoe the ballpark in it’s place. That might work out for the adults, but that is never a good thing kids, and the adults really.

Because of these TV deals, and more and more people staying home, ballparks have ramped up their stadiums, as well as lowering their ticket prices. Now when you go to the ballpark you will see 5 story HDTV’s showing you replays, you will get some of the best summer cuisine your area has to offer including the best hot dogs (Dodger dogs), BBQ, Mexican burritos, fish tacos, hamburgers, french fries, churros, cotton candy, well you get the picture. None of these are going to be available to you on your couch.

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Tickets Still Available for the Spurs vs Heat Game 5 NBA Finals

Spurs fans are extatic, while Heat fans are dejected. A 3 – 1 lead in the NBA finals almost certainly means that the Spurs will be the 2014 NBA Champions if history holds up. In 35 chances during the NBA finals, there has never been a team that has come back from a 3 – 1 deficit, but that doesn’t mean the Heat are finished.

History and records are meant to be broken, and the Heat still have Lebron James, something history has never seen before.

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Can the Heat do it? Can Lebron summon the effort to complete a comeback that has never happened before? Check it out in person today at 7pm EST.

World Cup Tickets Available at Seathound

If you are in Brazil, or are planning on going to Brazil, we have thousands of World Cup tickets available! Check out the stadium list below along with all of their capacities.

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Here is a list of all the Brazil Stadiums with their capcities.  Get tickets now.

Here is a list of all the Brazil Stadiums with their capcities. Get tickets now.