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This is the Final Four that was not. This is the Final Four which was over before it began, or so we are led to believe.

The initial drama was painted into a Rick Pitino-John Calipari feud, which may or may not exist, but is over now after Kentucky took care of business Saturday night against the Cardinal.

Kentucky fans began rioting, before they even won the Championship, because there’s no doubt about it they will win.

Accuscore, a service which provides computer simulations of just about every sporting event, has predicted the Kentucky Wildcats will cut down the nets tonight in New Orleans.

Kentucky will defeat Kansas 73.36-64.8 according to Accuscore. The two schools rank No. 1 and No. 2 all-time in wins, Kentucky with 2,089 wins and Kansas with 2,070 wins.

The computers are not alone. Real paid college basketball experts are picking Kentucky as well.

“I haven’t seen anybody pick us,” Kansas coach Bill Self said via Yahoo Sports. “If anybody did pick us, it would probably be Digger (Phelps), and that would be the kiss of death.”

Guys like John Gasaway of ESPN InsiderSeth Davis of Sports Illustrated, Dick Vitale of ESPN, are picking Kentucky,  ESPN’s Sports Nation fan vote (73-27 in favor of UK).

Is there anyone who actually thinks Kansas can win?

Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg, at least believes there’s a chance.

“If Kentucky is hitting their shots, there just isn’t much you can do,” Hoiberg told ESPN.  “But if they’re having an off-night, and Kansas is hitting their shots, they have a very good chance to win.”

Part of the allure of Kentucky is a dominator, freshman player of the year Anthony Davis, someone who can take over the game at any time, Kemba Walker for last year’s championship UConn, Carmelo Anthony in 2003, Danny Manning for KU in ’88, Patrick Ewing for Georgetown in ’84 among a few.

But Anthony Davis, the star of the tournament, is not superman claims Self . At least that is what he is trying to convince his players, or perhaps attempt to get in the head of the 19-year old projected No. 1 pick who seems to never get rattled.

“Anthony Davis is a great player, but he’s not Superman,” Self said at a press conference this weekend.

Kansas is not a great scoring team, and Davis’ ability to block shots has been so prolific, he was compared to Celtics great Bill Russell.

Davis just has two NCAA Championships and 11 NBA titles to go, he can start with a win tonight in New Orleans.



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