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Every year our good friends at Harris Interactive post a list of the most popular Major League Baseball teams. Not surprisingly the Yankees are the most popular team in baseball, with the Red Sox, Braves, Cubs and Dodgers rounding out the top 10.

Anything look amiss to you in that top 5? OK, I will give you a hint, their owner is the worst in professional sports and is bringing one of the most historic franchises in all of professional sports to it’s knees because of personal problems. Still don’t know? This owner is from Boston, he is trying to get a TV deal with FOX and “Not pay personal expenses with the money” even though he has no money outside of the team.

If you guessed Frank McCourt and the Dodgers, you are correct! They are actually up in this list from 8 last year to 5 this year. (Actually makes me question the validity of the poll…just sayin’).

There are some other funny looking rankings on this poll as well…Are the Royals really more popular than the Angels? If that is true, that is a huge slap in the face of poor Arte Moreno, a truly good owner. There is a distinct east coast bias for teams, the next west coast team after the LA McCrooks is the Seattle Mariners and they stink. Sorry Seattle fans, it’s true.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the top…and bottom teams in the MLB.

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1 – New York Yankees
2 – Boston Red Sox
3 – Atlanta Braves
4 – Chicago Cubs
5 – Los Angeles Dodgers
6 – New York Mets
7 – Philadelphia Phillies
8 – Texas Rangers
9 – St Louis Cardinals
10 – Detroit Tigers
11 – Seattle Mariners
12 – Minnesota Twins
13 – Baltimore Orioles
14 – San Francisco Giants
15 – Cincinnati Reds
16 – Chicago White Sox
17 – Cleveland Indians
18 – Kansas City Royals
19 – Milwaukee Brewers
20 – Colorado Rockies
21 – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
22 – Houston Astros
23 – Arizona Diamondbacks
24 – Oakland Athletics
25 – Pittsburgh Pirates
26 – Tampa Bay Rays
27 – Washington Nationals
28 – Florida Marlins
29 – San Diego Padres
30 – Toronto Blue Jays

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