Whatever Ever Happened to Steve Perry? Why Journey and Steve Won’t be Back Together Again

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***Just wanted to give a quick update to this. Did anyone see Journey on Paladia lately? It is running 24 / 7. It is a 3 hour concert and features the new singer. Little did I know the drummer sung too, guy is pretty good. Anyway, it is like watching Karaoke. No offense against the new guy, but it’s just not the same. They were very good, but without Steve, they aren’t the same band****

Do to all the questions we have been getting over the last couple months, we at Seathound.com decided to do some research on 80’s pop/rock band Journey and their estranged singer Steve Perry.

Steve Perry will probably never be back with Journey. Unfortunately he suffered a hip injury in Hawaii in 1996, prior to their tour, in support of their last album Trial by Fire. Steve proceeded to have surgery that led to a long rehab, and still causes him great pain to be on his feet for long periods.

In May 1998 Steve Perry announced that he was officially leaving Journey, due to health issues. The split came in the wake of a conversation between Perry and Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain in which it was decided that, if Perry’s health issues prohibited him from committing to a tour at that time, Cain and original Journey guitarist Neil Schon would reform the band with a new singer. Drummer Steve Smith also left Journey.

Not much is known about Steve since then, with an appearance by the singer, with his Journey band mates, at the presentation Journey’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005, where he signed autographs and answered fans questions. An avid White Sox fan, Steve made a cameo appearance, without his band mates, at the 2005 White Sox World Series victory parade in Chicago.

The only public offering he currently does consists of an annual messages on his birthday at on his personal site. Perry also worked with David Foster and Carole Bayer-Sager in writing and recording “I Stand Alone,” the principle track for the soundtrack to the animated feature film Quest For Camelot.

If you want you can still see Journey perform without Steve Perry at the dates and locations below.

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The Real Steve Perry

The "New" Steve Perry

Take a look at what Steve looks like today! He looks pretty good. The picture on the right is the new lead singer.

  • Maureen Tara Regan

    If you want to hear Steve then I guess play their old albums. With regards to his hip..he doesn’t use his hip to sing so I guess he didn’t want to sing sitting down a lot? Unless he is in constant pain for which I would say get another medical opinion. But I respect his decision of course..just sayin’.

  • Maureen Tara Regan

    Thanks for all the info but the article never said he LIVES in Chicago.

  • oldfrenchy

    its a simple solution – if it ruins it for you…..DONT GO and DONT LISTEN! Its that simple!

  • rompers

    If I may add, it’s like Guns n’ Roses sans Axel Rose or should I say Axel Rose sans Slash ūüôā

    • I like your first analogy better, the guitars and drums can easily imitated, the presence of Steve Perry with his charisma, moves and voice make it weird that he is not there.

  • John

    Why are you making an issue out of him being Filipino? Sounds pretty racist to me. The issue should be why bother performing without Steve? I don’t care what anybody says about Journey not being about one person. Without Steve Perry there would never have been a Journey!!! Without him they are nothing more than a cover band. I saw them perform tonight on the Country music awards with Rascal Flats. Arnel has perfected his craft which is trying to emulate Steve. Except for one thing, there is absolutely no heart,no soul,no magic in what he is singing.Its a fair impersonation at best.

  • Steltz10

    Thanks for patronizing “Journey”. ¬†We are lucky that the group is existing,¬†whether Steve or Arnel ,,They are both as GREAT as well as the whole band.¬†
    As for Steve, i wish him well sooner and for hes fast recovery.  For Arnel, way to go buddy. You and the group making the band alive again. More power to the group. jmc

  • kasmot

    i guess u are a mother fak racist, go to hell….arnel pineda can sing well and journey will not get him if he is not deserving…..

  • Mikris2000

    New guy has a good voice, don’t get me wrong. But I think Journey soared to the top with Steve Perry’s voice and soul. He put his heart and soul into singing his songs. No one can imitate or replace that. He is truly one of a kind.

  • Margie mccarthy

    STEVE PERRY!!!!!!!!¬† I loved him in the in the 80″s¬† and I LOVE HIM today, they will never be JOURNEY without the real STEVE PERRY

  • Dedfishermen

    The band still wants to perform. Steve perry can’t. Get over your selfishness and respect the bands willingness to hire another great singer for your enjoyment. Btw, the philippines has much greater values than our own America anymore. I’ve seen I married one for that reason.

    • Jaren999

      You would think “after all these years” they could do that w/o turning themselves into a mocking insulting karaoke band.¬† But their selfishness and inability to create anything lasting pre or post Perry has led to the insult they have become.¬† No singer that spends his life copying others hardwork is great.¬† Copying is easy, but creativity and originality is difficult esp. when you custom and style has always been karaoke.

  • Anonymous

    “Alias SMith and Jones” was a cute show but a pale comparison to the original, which was “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”.¬† It’s the same thing but you enjoyed “Alias Smith and Jones”, so shows can be reborn.¬† I think that’s true of Journey, as well.¬† No, the Philipino kid is not Steve Perry, but he does a great job, I think.

  • Lindy – south africa

    why couldnt he carry on singing, no one can sing like steve perry, mwah mwah mwah

  • Why bother

    Clearly you’ve never been a fan of Journey or Steve Perry! Why are you even on this site? Go spend your time elsewhere and stop wasting everyone including yourselfs time!

  • Wildcatbeach

    the new guy has some big shoes to feel , which nobody can do that.

  • I saw Journey about 15 years ago w-o Steve Perry – had no idea at the time I purchased tickets that Steve wouldn’t be there (it wasn’t exactly top priority to spread the news).
    The only thing worse than my disappointment at the show was my ignorant (younger) girlfriend who seemed to think the experience was magical – having no clue what it was that she’d been missing out on. Best part of the show was spending a little too much time in a bar prior to arrival – it made us late & we missed at least 2 songs.

    • Sorry to hear that you missed out on seeing the “real” Steve Perry at that show. ūüôĀ

  • Dc

    I like Dont Stop Believing much more than Dont Stop BeReeving!!!! Steve Perry…greatest voice in music! Period!

    • Dedfishermen

      You are a racist. Get out of the 60’s and get with the program. Arnell can sing his ass off

      • Jose Reyes

        hey journey is by far my favorite band when Perry was in the band and now it still is cause arnel pineda is a overall dreat artist that could easly be compare to steve

      • Knightstalker882002

        they should just retire when augeri left its was the final chance for jeorney

  • Seastar421

    The “new Steve Perry”? More like the NOT Steve Perry. Are they deaf? The new guy isn’t even close! It is really kind of embarrassing. Some bands just cannot be, without the people who first made it great. There is no one who can replace his voice. You would think the remaining original band members would recognize this. I think it is a perfect time in Steve’s life to attempt that later in life comeback!

  • eric grinrod

    no matter what the reall steve perry perry hase the heart and soul of the band

  • Mililani77

    good update information Steven perry is old already let him retire and cruise with all the other senior citizens

    • Christi7

      you are such a f**********ing dumbass and are probably not old enough to appriciate the music or even wipe your own ass

  • Romanster

    Journey will never be the same without Steve. Journey will never die or be forgotten as long as Steve Perry is singing

  • Lorettaheimbold

    she has a right to her opinion, and so do i. i totally agree with her. if they decided to try to replace steve perry, then they should have renamed the group. without steve perry, the band will never be the same. he just can’t be replaced like a light bulb. the new group does’nt shine and never will.

    • Patrick83

      why should the band change their name???? ¬†The name belongs to the band not Steve Perry. ¬†He was part of the band and he left. ¬†He doesn’t get to retire the name along with him. ¬†I agree that SP is the voice…but the new guy is pretty good and way better than any of the past ones. ¬†All they need is to come out with some good new songs and that will update their image. ¬†Arena rock is kinda passe anyway. ¬†A good balad should do it.¬†

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