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Our friends over at Harris interactive just released a new poll, 2010 most popular baseball teams. The timing is great being the All-Star break, not much MLB news happening. With that said, let’s get to it.

Unsurprisingly the top 3 teams are comprised of the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves. The Yankees have held down the top spot in this poll since 2000 after their 4 world series in 5 years. The Red Sox have really climbed up this list having been #8 in 1999, whereas Atlanta has always hovered around the top 3.

Rounding out the top 5 are the Philadelphia Phillies, and Chicago Cubs. Those lovable losers from Chicago have been in the top 5 every single year but 1. The Phillies used to run in the middle of the pack but because of their recent success they are building up more and more fans.

Check out the rest of the teams below with a little added commentary. To buy any tickets for any of these teams click here.

  1. New York Yankees – The boss passed away today, he was a true baseball icon, RIP.
  2. Boston Red Sox – Recent success has propelled the once downtrodden franchise to new heights
  3. Atlanta Braves – Ted Turner’s Braves have always been a fan favorite, can you say HUGE TV contract?
  4. Philadelphia Phillies – 2 World Series appearances in 2 years with 1 win will do wonders for your popularity
  5. Chicago Cubs – 2008 was their chance to finally break through, but like all other Cubs seasons over the last 100+ years, they just couldn’t get over the hump.
  6. New York Mets – Apparently there is something to this New York city thing.
  7. San Francisco Giants – Classic team, lots of followers, 2 time reigning CY Young winner equals popularity even in down times.
  8. LA Dodgers – The McCourts are poised to crush this team with an ugly divorce looming.
  9. Minnesota Twins – Big Joe Mauer really gets it down doesn’t he?
  10. St Louis Cardinals – Honestly, I cannot see why they are this low
  11. Milwaukee Brewers – Honestly I am shocked they are this high. Their attendance says otherwise
  12. Texas Rangers – Will Nolan Ryan be their next owner?
  13. Detroit Tigers – Unemployment in the motor city does not stop the fans from loving their team
  14. Seattle Mariners
  15. Chicago White Sox
  16. Cincinnati Reds
  17. Cleveland Indians – Even when Lebron was there and the Indians were at their best, Cleveland was always a football first city.
  18. Arizona Diamondbacks – Phoenix is and always will be a Suns town
  19. Kansas City Royals – Attendance is putrid, owner does not care about winning
  20. Baltimore Orioles – Where is Cal Ripken? Come back Cal!
  21. Colorado Rockies – Jimenez looks like he has the inside track on the Cy Young this year.
  22. Tampa Bay Rays – Even with the team doing so well, they still can’t get any attendance at the Trop
  23. San Diego Padres – Really stepping up this year, great for MLB to see this kind of thing
  24. Oakland A’s – On the wrong side of the bay.
  25. Pittsburgh Pirates – Like Cleveland, this town is football first, even with that beautiful stadium
  26. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – Not even hosting the All-Star game can prop their popularity up.
  27. Washington Nationals – Nice run at first, until everyone realized they were the Montreal Expos with new uni’s.
  28. Houston Astros – Jeff Bagwell and Roger Clemens don’t appear to be walking through that door any time soon.
  29. Florida Marlins – South Beach offers to much to do, that converted football stadium they use as a ball park doesn’t help either.
  30. Toronto Blue Jays – Canada loves hockey, not baseball, enough said
  • Omar

    yet the blue jays lead the majors in tv viewership

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